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FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY and Pansy Parkinson revive Weasley Wizarding Whizbangs, but more than that, they start a company (with Fu Lee) which harvests the benefits that can be reaped by combining magic with the most sophisticated muggle technology. This spins off into a number of ventures which make Albion Enterprises quite a household name among both wizards and muggles. In addition, the twins appear on WWN (along with, occasionally, Fu Lee) for a weekly ten minute lively interview about the latest developments in muggle/magical hybrid technology. Cedric works with them on one project, creating sophisticated prostheses which may be worn by either muggles or magical folk. They actively recruit the brightest young talent from both Hogwarts, and the top muggle engineering schools, and internships at Albion Enterprises are a matter of fierce competition.

Their chocolate frog cards are also among the most valuable to collectors.

George and Pansy have two children: Louis and Olivia. George gets his aeroplane pilot licence and both delights and terrifies his loved ones by offering them rides. He is a good flyer and never has an accident, but he got his idea of flying tactics by playing breakneck Quidditch, so! He also likes hang-gliding and parasailing.

Fred holds out on the single state for a few years past the point that George and Pansy tie the knot, and the scandal rags follow his progress as a bachelor with great interest. Eventually, he astonishes everyone by marrying not one of the slinky blondes who have occasionally decked his arm at society events, but rather Lisa Turpin, who has no trouble whatsoever at keeping him on his toes. Fred and Lisa end up having three boys and a girl. Leon, Albert and James (Jamie) end up in Gryffindor, and Katherine (Kate) in Ravenclaw.
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Frank, could you pass along to Fu that after we shut up the store at 6:00, we'll swing by Moddey to pick him up so we can go meet the contacts from Barrow-in-Furness?

Our source says Davidson will be there, as well as some of his Lieutenant-Colonels. Let Fu know if there are any messages you want us to pass along to them.

(We promise Fu will be in a right good mood when we bring him back tonight after the tour. Messing around with guns always cheers him up wonderfully.)
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This is a tradition we began on our birthday over on the younger members' lock, and we understand they've been keeping up the tradition after we reached the age of 17 and left the youngsters on their own without our special guidance. But we think it's time we used the Order Only lock, because we're more serious about it. In a manner of speaking.


Be it known that the Lord Protector,

The Supreme Governor of the Council of British Rule
Patron of the Pure
Sovereign of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Wand and Rose
Grand Sorcerer
Paramount Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot
and proud holder of the Order of Merlin, Crystal Star

or as we also like to call Him,

Marvellous Marvolo the Magnificent Malcontent
Lord Pustule
King of the Swill
His Fartulance

We think it is extremely important that everyone knows that:
We are going to beat you
Your days are numbered
Your hold over the Protectorate is being eaten away, inch by inch
We will awaken the Sleepers
People are rising up every day to say 'NO MORE!!'
You still haven't caught Sirius Black
You still haven't caught the leaders of the Order
No matter what Dolohov thinks, you STILL have enemies at Hogwarts who are committed to your destruction, who are growing more determined and cleverer every day
More and more people are joining us every day
Every person you arrest, every person you hurt, every person you kill will cause scores more to stand up and join us
You are not facing just pureblood wizards. You are facing halfbloods, squibs, and muggles, too.
Even your fluffy Teddy Bear Clarence isn't going to save you.

And in case we haven't made it perfectly clear:

His Excellency, the Lord Protector, is STILL a stupid PONCE!!!! And he always will be. Until we get rid of him for GOOD.

Thank you for your attention to this VERY IMPORTANT public service announcement!

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Did Terry make it there to Moddey Dhoo? He never replied to us.

Just want to make sure he isn't off doing something stupid or suicidal.

(Merlin, listen to us. You'd think we were grownups or something.)
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Happy birthday to our brilliant sister, legendary wielder of the bat bogey hex. It's an auspicious occasion, we are sure and deserved to be celebrated in a spectacular fashion.

For a little change, we suggest celebrating at the store tonight. We'll close up shop at five, and then the whole family's welcome, and anyone else you'd like to invite along, Gin! Just let us know.
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Mum, do you want us to come stay at the Burrow tonight? Just for this first night?
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An ambush....

Now THAT'S Weasley style!
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Right, so the Prophet's come through (three cheers for once), so we've sent the letter off. We followed your advice to cut the postscript mentioning the publication of the press release and the photo, so the final version now reads:
Dear Sir,

We received your owl of yesterday, and we are sure you can imagine our consternation. You're right; we are very new to business, and there is much we need to learn concerning proper lines and all that. We are most humbly grateful for your forebearance and deeply apologise for any misundersanding. Our opening was a whirlwind, and so many customers passed through our doors that we must have been mistaken. Of course, Mr Crispin was at the Malfoys if he says this is the case, and we were mistaken. Once again, apologies.

Fred and George Weasley
Weasley Wizarding Whizbangs
You know, we bet Crispin's really going to squirm when he sees that picture. It's really not his best side, is it? Makes his nose look as big as a hippogriff's honk and everything!
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Bad news. We had a special delivery by a special messenger owl this morning from some officious bloke claiming to be Virgil Crispin's boss. He's had a report from Crispin that we tried to bribe him (!). Apparently, the reason we gave for the gift certificate is absolute rot, because Crispin denies even being at the opening; he can produce a half-dozen witnesses that'll affirm he was at the Malfoys' that afternoon.

Even the bleeding owl was cheeky. It came close to pecking George's eye out while he was trying to get the message off its leg.

We're going to have to respond, we reckon. Any ideas? We're sorry, Pans. We should have never tried to twist his tail with that journal entry thanking him for being such a tosspot.
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The turn out was terrific, and we were delighted with the opportunity to meet many of our owl order customers. We were interested in all of your comments on our merchandise, and don't worry: we'll be incorporating many of your suggestions in our upcoming designs. Thanks to you, Weasley Wizarding Whizbangs is off to a great running start, and we more than met our sales goals for the day.

Hogwarts students, we are offering a 10% discount throughout the hols, so check out our advertisement in the Daily Prophet. There are still a few days left before Christmas to stop on by to check out our holiday product line!

In addition to the already announced door prize winners, we'd like to proffer special thanks to Mr Virgil Crispin for his timely assistance in quelling some momentary excitement partway through the afternoon. We're sending you a Γ25 gift certificate for the Hope Emporium, as well as a complimentary six month subscription of Weasley Wizarding Whizbangs Gift Baskets.
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What in blazes are you writing Humongous Bighead Boy about?!
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All right then?

We had a good inkling, of course, since we witnessed you learning it.

Do you need us to come home and pour a calming draught down Mum's throat?
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The rush has slowed down a bit, but sales are still meeting our budget expectations. You received our owl this morning with the figures? Not bad, eh? Mum's tickled pink.

We're about to run out of our first run of the packaging boxes and so we've put in a new order with Demeter. (Oh, drat. We knew we forgot something when we sent you our owl: we wanted to show you the three new designs she's come up with for us for products in the spring line. All the owls are out at the moment, so we'll send the sketches to you tomorrow, along with some more samples for the Common Rooms.)

We stopped by Zonko's yesterday with a few of the new prototypes. He pokered up right away when he saw us. Guess he's a bit embarrassed for bowing to pressure--from your godfather, probably--and telling us he won't carry our stuff anymore. AS HE SHOULD BE. But we treated him as if he were our favourite uncle, and we just HAD to stop to show off our new babies. He still says the same thing, that he's not going to change his mind...but he all but licked his chops when we showed off our newest gizmos. He especially liked the trainers that turn into ice skates, once you walk onto ice. We hope if we keep popping round every month, he'll eventually weaken and start carrying our stuff again. He's too much a born salesman to keep turning his back on us.

Hitty asked us specially to say hello to you from her. She's spoiling us rotten. Couldn't have made it this far without her help.
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Alice, if it helps:

Everything's quiet here, and we've finished sweeping all the outbuildings. All checks ins report there isn't anyone here who hasn't agreed to stay, so Terrie's said we can go. With their thanks.

Everyone's dead knackered, but breathless and excited.

If it's all right, us and Lee are gonna head to Moddey Dhoo from here. Not to get in your way, because we know you have other things on your mind, but we have stuff to talk over with Fu Lee.
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We just got an owl. From Zonko's.

All further orders are CANCELLED.

We blew the bloody store doors off for him for Halloween and Christmas was going to be even better, but no, he's CANCELLING us.
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Who came to Hogsmeade and helped make the launching of our product line such a success! We had great fun demonstrating and showing off our new inventions, and it was great to see so many old friends. Take a look at our advertisement in yesterday's Prophet and Hogwarts students, quiz your classmates who've brought some of the fun back to the castle.

We'll have new products in next month's catalogue, too. Remember, besides being available at Zonko's, all of our products are also available via owl order. Get your Christmas shopping done early!
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Writing this together. We figure our journal's accustomed to more than one quill making entries.

Fred and George: Dinner was a little more haphazard than usual, but who cares? We're bloody well leaving the dishes unwashed tonight, out of a spirit of rebellion. But there is apple pie, and the four of us are sitting around on the couches in the living room, wrapped up in the afghans Mum's knit for us, and for once, we're not hearing any scolding about letting the crumbs fall into the couch cushions.

Right. So in the spirit of family pulling all together when facing Interesting Challenges, we're writing together this as an All-Weasley entry. Or anyway, All-Weasleys-at-the-Burrow entry. We're sure Charlie and Ron would join in if they were here. Hey, there's plenty of pie. Ginny doesn't know the behind-the-scenes (Order-related) reasons of what's going on and why Mum and Fred and George are launching these businesses, but from what Ron's said, she wasn't too pleased with her last encounter with Percy in the journals. So we figure she's pretty much on our side.

Then there's Percy. Given what he did today, we don't expect to see him around the Burrow much anymore.

Anyway. First of all, we're all really proud of Mum. Since we (Fred and George) decided not to go, we gave her a miniature picture of us and Dad to keep with her. Just as a good luck thing, yeah?

Bill: When that berk at the door told me I couldn't come in to the meeting to be with Mum, I had an idea. I took the picture and put both a calming and mild cheering charm on it and then gave it back to her. Knew Mum was nervous, and hoped that would help.

Molly: It did, more than you can imagine. I saw Percy almost immediately, and when he refused to look at me, well--I simply clutched the picture a little more tightly. After that, whenever I could feel myself starting to feel upset, and particularly when he was called up as a witness, I pulled the picture closer on my lap. I'm amazed I made it through, keeping my composure. But I did.

(I broke down rather badly as soon as I made it home to the Burrow, though).

Fred and George: So. Mum's told us about it, but we're not going to go through everything. Mostly, they were trying to run down Mum's character.

Molly: At first I was rather petrified when Percy was called forward. I feared that perhaps he had picked up something about the Order he was going to reveal. But it was nothing like that. He said that I was disorganised, as was demonstrated by the fact that I'm a poor housekeeper(!). The Burrow is 'chaotic.' He harped rather bitterly about the explosions that came from Fred and George's room occasionally. He pooh-poohed the significance of the barter network as proof of my capability as a manager, or someone knowledgeable about business. I 'barely ever talked about it,' he said, and the clients were 'really riff-raff scrabblers on the edge of society, certainly not pure-blooded at all.' And I had been relieved of my duties abruptly last December. The insinuation, you see, was that I was simply incompetent. I wasn't allowed to interject the true reason, that because of my husband's death, they were giving me a respite from the duties.

The licence application was tabled. I have to come back next month. And bring, oh my goodness, all sorts of things. Genealogical proof of purebred ancestry back for seven generations. The mortgage records for the Burrow and a copy of the lease in New London. They want the list of all the people I've been in contact with who have expressed interest in hiring space in Hope Building. I imagine they'll try to scare off any potential tenants next!

The Committee Members frowned and looked down their noses at me through this. Except for Lucius Malfoy, who looked on with the most insufferable little smirk on his face. As if it was just the most wonderful treat to see my own son rip into me like that.

Well. I came home and went to my bedroom and indulged in a good hour cry. But no more. I washed my face and made an apple pie, and I came to an iron-clad determination. I am not going to let them beat me. I am Molly Prewitt Weasley, a member of the Order of the Phoenix, the mother of seven six seven children and the wif widow of Arthur Weasley, who died a hero. I will not be defeated by the likes of Lucius Malfoy.

Fred and George: Hear, hear!

Bill: Never doubted it, Mum.

Molly: Oh, and there's one more thing I must say: Pansy Parkinson, Fred and George have told me that you've been quite upset about this, and you're blaming yourself and wondering if I blame you, too. I want to assure you that's not the case. Divide-and-conquer can be an effective trick, but we're simply not going to fall for it, are we? I really do mean it. Your godfather is attempting to crowd us into the same ridiculous little niche, so I feel closer to you than ever.

He's telling both of us that we are weak, and ignorant, and emotional, and foolish, and female and it's not up to us to worry our tiny little minds about business.

Well, I say that's absolute bunk. Dragon feathers.

I don't know if you'll be able to salvage any kind of relationship with him, dear, although we'll support you whatever you decide. But know this: we are going to show him. We'll make Weasley Wizarding Whizbangs and the Hope Business Building and Hope Emporium the wonder of the Protectorate.

Fred and George: See? That's our Mum. Glad to have you at our backs.

Molly: Ron, dear, I will write an owl to Ginny so she knows what is going on. As for Percy...I can't concentrate on him right now. There may be difficult moments, I don't doubt. But Arthur and I knew that Percy was choosing a path we despised a long time ago, and so this isn't entirely a surprise. I will still hold out a tendril of hope.

Now, I don't want any of you going to visit him and wreaking any sort of Weasley justice. I won't have it. We will be wary, and watch for signs from a distance if he ever seems to be rethinking things.

For now, I'm afraid that's all we can do.

Oh dear. Is ALL the pie gone?
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We didn't go, thinking that would be more politic. Bill tried to come, but he was barred at the door and not allowed in.

Mum came home awhile ago and she's been shut in her room crying ever since. The good news is that her application hasn't been rejected--yet. They're demanding more (ridiculous) documents. 'Come back next month.' Which we suspect is sheer rot. They're going to keep her dangling. Just because they can.

The bad news is that Percy was there. And the bleeding arse testified against her as a character witness.
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Our visit this afternoon with Mr Zonko went very well. He has already started to put up Halloween display stuff. We showed him the packaging, and his face lit up; he was quite pleased with it. Be sure to let Demeter know, yeah? Actually works with the colour scheme of the shelves he's set aside for us. We folded our sample boxes up and put them on the shelves to check the sizing, and they fit perfectly.

He also agreed to clear out a space by the cash register for us to place some smaller items for impulse buys. We figure that would be a great place for a bowl full of the Sparking Super Balls and the Creepy Crawlies.

We figure we'll have enough of the products packaged by the middle of the week to meet our target, and we'll take them right over. He says if our stuff sells as well as he expects, he'll DEFINITELY take some of our upcoming products for the Christmas season.
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Mum just let out a screech in the kitchen, because guess who paid us a visit tonight?


She was VERY sorry about startling Mum, but it seems she's scared too. We came home to the Burrow yesterday, planning to stay a few days here to give Bill a break on the chores, since--you know. Anyway, Hitty was startled awake at the building last night at an ungodly hour, like half-two in the morning. Some bloke was pounding on the door, and demanding, 'Open up, Commercial and Housing Inspection.' He kept it up for about ten minutes, pounding and yelling. Hitty peeked out a window at him and saw he was fiddling with his wand, doing a charm while pointing at the building. Eventually, we reckon that whatever-it-was-he-was-doing convinced him that no one was there. What do you make of that?

It's bloody strange to send an inspector at that hour. Bill wonders whether they've heard word that we've been living in the building. He reckons that if so, it might have come from Percy. Maybe that requires some kind of, we dunno, special licence or variance or something. Mum said she's going to look it up and make sure it's included with her parchmentwork she's submitting tomorrow on HER business application.

Um. D'ye reckon your godfather might have something to do with this?

We told Hitty she was welcome to spend the night here at the Burrow, but even though she still seemed scared, she refused. 'Hitty must be making sure that no one is breaking into Mistress Pansy's new business and stealing things!'
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