Oct. 9th, 2013

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Mum just let out a screech in the kitchen, because guess who paid us a visit tonight?


She was VERY sorry about startling Mum, but it seems she's scared too. We came home to the Burrow yesterday, planning to stay a few days here to give Bill a break on the chores, since--you know. Anyway, Hitty was startled awake at the building last night at an ungodly hour, like half-two in the morning. Some bloke was pounding on the door, and demanding, 'Open up, Commercial and Housing Inspection.' He kept it up for about ten minutes, pounding and yelling. Hitty peeked out a window at him and saw he was fiddling with his wand, doing a charm while pointing at the building. Eventually, we reckon that whatever-it-was-he-was-doing convinced him that no one was there. What do you make of that?

It's bloody strange to send an inspector at that hour. Bill wonders whether they've heard word that we've been living in the building. He reckons that if so, it might have come from Percy. Maybe that requires some kind of, we dunno, special licence or variance or something. Mum said she's going to look it up and make sure it's included with her parchmentwork she's submitting tomorrow on HER business application.

Um. D'ye reckon your godfather might have something to do with this?

We told Hitty she was welcome to spend the night here at the Burrow, but even though she still seemed scared, she refused. 'Hitty must be making sure that no one is breaking into Mistress Pansy's new business and stealing things!'


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