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Fred & George Weasley ([personal profile] alt_gredforge) wrote2013-12-27 07:06 am

Order Only: Private Message to Pansy Parkinson

Right, so the Prophet's come through (three cheers for once), so we've sent the letter off. We followed your advice to cut the postscript mentioning the publication of the press release and the photo, so the final version now reads:
Dear Sir,

We received your owl of yesterday, and we are sure you can imagine our consternation. You're right; we are very new to business, and there is much we need to learn concerning proper lines and all that. We are most humbly grateful for your forebearance and deeply apologise for any misundersanding. Our opening was a whirlwind, and so many customers passed through our doors that we must have been mistaken. Of course, Mr Crispin was at the Malfoys if he says this is the case, and we were mistaken. Once again, apologies.

Fred and George Weasley
Weasley Wizarding Whizbangs
You know, we bet Crispin's really going to squirm when he sees that picture. It's really not his best side, is it? Makes his nose look as big as a hippogriff's honk and everything!

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