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The good news is that we're moved into the new building. Well, we're camping pretty rough, but we don't mind that. Our new space is coming together just like we envisioned, pretty close to that map we sketched out for you, right before you went back to Hogwarts. We're making progress on the packaging, and we have several cool new products that we have in the prototype stage now. We reckon we'll have some samples to show around the Common Rooms right before the first Hogsmeade weekend. The Zonko's deal has been finalised, so we'll have some shelf space there, and so we hope Hogwarts students will be able to buy our products in a very short time.

In the not-so-good news department, Lucius Malfoy seems to have taken offence at our involving Pansy in our plans. Don't know how much trouble he will cause, but he's been leaning on Percy and Percy's siding with him against us and Mum. You know about Mum's plans, to acquire the building rent-to-own, and to turn it into a place where new businesses can get started--even muggle and muggleborns, as long as we handle the books right. Lucius Malfoy found out about Mum's role sometime in the last day or two, and apparently didn't take it well. Percy launched a real scold at Mum and us in the journals tonight. Going on about how we could never make it work, and Mum's dead foolish to try it. He seems mostly bothered that Lucius Malfoy will think less of him if his mum and brothers have anything to do with keeping a shop.

Anyway, Mum didn't take it well. She's been sort of ragged this week, worried about Bill because Bill's boss is such a bastard. So when Percy started in on her, she really blew her stack.

I was in on the messages they exchanged, too (Fred) and since Mum was so upset, we came home and are spending tonight at the Burrow. Had to put some Calming Draught in her tea to get her to simmer down. We think she'll be all right.

But, yeah. Percy. He seems to be within an inch of washing his hands of the whole lot of us. Guess we aren't helping his career enough to suit him.
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Bill: We don't care what excuse you have to make to cut short the working late session, but get home to the Burrow now if you possibly can. Charlie, dunno if you can get off for one night, but you'd be a welcome face right now, too.

Percy Weasley is the biggest arse in the world, and Mum needs you right now. She needs all of us.

Except Percy.
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We're sorry your godfather gave you a hard time over the business. We've been working to pull together the records you want to provide to him. Do you want us to forward them to you to send to him? Or do you think they should be presented to him in person?

It occurs to us that if he's angry enough, he might come by the premises to harangue us. Or more likely, send a minion or something, come to think of it. Don't worry, we won't let him play divide-and-conquer. We'll be polite, promise, but very firm that we'll be more than happy to speak to him as long as our partner Miss Parkinson can be present at the meeting, too. That may delay a confrontation until the next school break. Will he be patient enough to wait that long?

Any tips as to what to say or how to act if he does come looking for us? Painfully polite, deferential to his experience, that sort of thing? Any advice or other approach you can suggest we'd certainly appreciate.

We're going to be moving into the building soon. It's bare bones, but we don't mind roughing it at first, and at least that way it'll be easier for us to work on product development and keep an eye on the place as we get on with retrofitting. (Not to mention we can escape goat-and-chicken chores! It's a win-win.)

The work counters were delivered today. A little bigger than we expected, but they fit in the space and can be easily sectioned and moved if we decide to rearrange. It looks like it'll work.
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You know, if you don't want Mum to suss out that you had female companionship when you're out ALL NIGHT LONG, it's probably a strategic error to come down to the breakfast table gently wafting the fragrance of French lilac soap behind you. It's hardly your usual manly odour.

Just a friendly little tip.
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George was feeding the goats this morning, and he heard you--sounded like you were kicking the crap out of stuff in Dad's shed. Must have been shortly after you got back at dawn.

Want to talk about it? We're willing to listen. Privately, of course.
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He says you're to go to the Adur Muggle camp. As in, right now.

Everyone else: we don't know what it's about; Corax Mulciber didn't say. Bill, do you?

Wow, he's a stone-cold bloke. Obviously, he wasn't doing anything fun with his Saturday night.
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Hullo, Pansy,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you (been busy with Mum on the final arrangements about the building. We were in a bit of mad scramble because we found it right before the end of the month, but Mum was able to get the keys September 1, so we can move in any time. Thanks for your last capital infusion. That was the last bit we needed to close the deal.

Also, we've been helping pull in the harvest out of the garden so Mum can get on with the canning. She's sort of frantic because she's behind her usual schedule.)

Now, as for your budget proposal: the two of us and Mum have gone over it, too, and Lee also had some suggestions. We think it looks good. Maybe we might allocate a bit more for advertising to start out. (Among other things, you're right that we should advertise in the Prophet, and that can get pricey, especially since they just raised their rates.) We have some notes scribbled in the margins of a copy of the second draft we're sending back to you. The owl should arrive either tomorrow or the day after. We'll also include our first quarter's progress report on R&D, including our descriptions of a few new nifty possible products (about ten or twelve of them). We should have samples for you in a week and will owl them along to you. Once you've looked them over, it'd be great if you can take a stab at modifying our descriptions for advertising copy.

Demeter Freesia we haven't heard of, but we thought of another bloke who might help: Hermes Tamblyn. He was in the class ahead of ours, and we think this might be just his thing. Brilliant artist and illustrator, really creative. He was hired by a potions company, and we think it was in ad design, but maybe packaging design, too. Fred thinks he can track him down quickly. No harm in asking both of them if they might be interested in submitting a proposal.

Like your idea about Zonko's. One thing we always appreciated about the place is that the owner is always on the lookout for the next new thing. So we bet your hunch is correct, that he'd give us some display space for a cut. Particularly if we have good packaging, as you say. It's worth a try.

Anyway, keep a lookout for that owl, and like we said, some samples of new stuff should be on its way to you within a week.
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We have a proper present for you and all, and we'll give it to you when you can squeeze us into your ever so busy social schedule.

But we also wanted to say, if you want to pop round the Burrow, we have a box of chocolates we've prepared specially for your birthday. If you stop by before your dinner tonight, you can share them with those very important guests during the pudding course. It'll be a dinner to remember, no doubt!
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The week's been dead brilliant.

We've spent the mornings mostly putting our heads together with Fu Lee. What a mentor he is, with the most deliciously twisted ideas. Clever enough that we could see him as a professor at Hogwarts. (Well, if they ever offered a course in something like, say, Muggle Mayhem, that is.) He loves teaching, and he can grab anything, any household object and turn it into a lesson (with Frankie and Jimmy hanging onto his legs at the time, which makes it even funnier).

Did you know that you can extract bomb making materials with heat, potassium chloride, and ordinary household bleach as a base, for example? The things we learn at Moddey Dhoo!

Fu's giving us assignments, setting a course of study for us for the rest of the summer in practical muggle chemistry. We've spent hours with him, talking about his designs for muggle armour and working on our suggested adaptations on two of the prototypes, discussing subjects like the history of trebuchets, and dipping into his library, which has everything from Sun Tzu The Art of War to a simply fascinating little volume called The Anarchist's Cookbook. (Mum, we don't think it contains the sorts of recipes you usually use.)

Afternoons we spend generally helping the kids with chores around the sanctuary, either working in the gardens or goat sheds, or taking a turn out on the boat for fishing runs, usually with whatever crew Terry and Dudley are on that day. Evenings we've been sitting around and talking. Evelyn and Neville are here now--they arrived today--and THAT caused an awful lot of excitement for everyone. All the kids have been dying to meet MR AND MRS LONGBOTTOM'S OWN CHILDREN, and they paraded them all over the sanctuary for a grand tour. It all ended up in the surf down at the boat landing for a spectacular waterfight.

Tonight's an astronomy lesson, or at least that's excuse for a picnic and bonfire down at the beach.

It's going to be difficult to leave and come home again. (No offence, Mum! But cleaning out the goat shed here is a lot more fun.)
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Will you be all right tonight?

If you want company, come to our room. You can take one of the beds and one of us can kip on the floor.
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We feel as if we need to do something really momentous to mark the occasion. Blowing up a toilet just isn't enough anymore, somehow.

It's been absolutely brilliant being here for seven years (aside from the occasional detention). Best of luck to all of you launching your brooms for new ventures. Watch for coming news about our own, Weasley Wizarding Whizbangs!
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Fred, George, and Lee will be in the usual place we hold meetings, tomorrow afternoon after lunch. That should give you the chance to at least get started reading some stuff. We'll answer questions for you, if you like, or if you prefer, it'll just be a safe place where people can just talk about what they've read. We know it's a lot to absorb.

You won't be sorry you joined. Honest.

Order Only

May. 30th, 2013 07:08 am
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We know that Alice said no celebrations yet. And Bill has forbidden us to set off any public fireworks.

But really, we can't let this occasion pass entirely without a proper private Weasley acknowledgement, can we? (For the unitiated: we used to put up a post like this on our birthday under the ISS lock:)

Therefore, we would like to make a very important announcement!

His Excellency, the Lord Protector, the stupid ponce, is DEAD!!!!

Thank you for your attention to this VERY IMPORTANT announcement!


May. 16th, 2013 11:25 am
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Also, NEWTS.
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We think it's absolutely spiffing that Hogwarts is having a two week holiday to celebrate it!
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We told you about Evelyn meeting with Ginny, and how it went well, except that Ginny became oddly hacked off at one point when Evelyn was looking in her trunk.

All right, new development, although we don't know what it means: Ron spotted Ginny, looking all furtive, like she didn't want to be seen, slipping into a certain room at Hogwarts with a box in her hand and coming out without it. As if she were hiding it. Ron said it was about the size of a Charms textbook, only a bit deeper. The room's enchanted so that you can hide things there, like a big warehouse: it's as stuffed full of everything imaginable as a barmy uncle's attic. From the description of the box, Evelyn thinks it sounds like the box she saw in Ginny's trunk.

Ron and Evelyn went back later to see if they could find the box, but they couldn't. Ron's worried that whatever-it-was, Ginny might have stolen it from somewhere. Dunno, not sure if that really sounds like Ginny.

Anyway. It's peculiar, and we don't know what to make of it, but you asked us to watch her and report what we'd seen. So there you are. Feel free to pass it on to Mum or Charlie, if you think they need to know it.
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Meet us in the Great Hall at dinner.

We have something to give to you.
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Right. We had Evelyn sound out Ginny, and she talked with us tonight about what she found out.

We think it was definitely a good idea, probably better than we realised when we suggested it. Evelyn's quiet, sympathetic and tactful, and she's definitely NOT a Weasley brother, which is probably a good thing, because it sounds as if Gin's irritated with those particular specimens right now.

So Evelyn convinced Ginny to invite her up to her room, and then they hung out talking about clothes. Like girls do, we guess. In between the fashion tips, Evelyn eventually worked her around to the subject of annoying older brothers, and Ginny gave her an earful. Ginny chuntered on a bit about how humiliating it was to be treated like a half-blood. But after some prodding, she allowed how blood status was completely arbitrary anyway (she mentioned Luna).

About us: Evelyn struggled a bit as she tried to explain how the conversation went. It sounds as thought Ginny was sort of sliding in between sounding mostly reasonable (as in, she knows we're all growing up, and we all have our own concerns and friends, but she just wants things to be the way they used to be) and, well, almost paranoid. Guess that's what you picked up, too, isn't it? Like that we're looking at her like she's a stranger, and we're treating her like she's one of the people that we have to keep our eyes on and...yeah. Weird.

Evelyn talked with her about discretion, floating the suggestion that maybe she didn't want to give Umbridge the satisfaction of digging into our private family business. That might have sunk in a bit. Let's hope it'll make her think twice about writing another private message to any of us where Umbridge can see it.

Oh, one other thing Evelyn mentioned that struck her as odd: she said Ginny sort of snapped between moods so fast it was almost scary. Ginny was pulling stuff out of her trunk to show Evelyn (some of the clothes she received in New London at her last photo shoot), and Evelyn reached into it herself to take out a scarf. Evelyn says they were laughing and chattering and having a good time, but when she did that, suddenly Ginny about bit her head off. For 'snooping.'

What do you make of that?
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As we Weasleys need a lesson concerning the necessity of appreciating our family, and especially our noble pureblood heritage, Madam Umbridge is forc requesting that we make the following announcement:

For the next three days, we Weasleys are to be considered half-bloods, so that we can discover for ourselves and meditate upon the proper stratifcations of the Protectorate society which Our Lord finds so very proper and valuable.

As half-bloods, we are not allowed to acknowlege or associate with members of our original family of origin. Instead, we have been assigned pureblood siblings, and it is to be our solemn duty to serve these siblings, in order that proper precedence may be maintained.

As our blood is no longer considered pure, we are allowed to sit in the Great Hall only if we stay as far from the Head Table as possible.

We will be attending the Basic Defence class for half-bloods instead of our usual Defence classes.

Thank you for your attention.
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Are we supposed to practise Quidditch if we can't get more than thirty feet away from each other?!
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