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FRED AND GEORGE WEASLEY and Pansy Parkinson revive Weasley Wizarding Whizbangs, but more than that, they start a company (with Fu Lee) which harvests the benefits that can be reaped by combining magic with the most sophisticated muggle technology. This spins off into a number of ventures which make Albion Enterprises quite a household name among both wizards and muggles. In addition, the twins appear on WWN (along with, occasionally, Fu Lee) for a weekly ten minute lively interview about the latest developments in muggle/magical hybrid technology. Cedric works with them on one project, creating sophisticated prostheses which may be worn by either muggles or magical folk. They actively recruit the brightest young talent from both Hogwarts, and the top muggle engineering schools, and internships at Albion Enterprises are a matter of fierce competition.

Their chocolate frog cards are also among the most valuable to collectors.

George and Pansy have two children: Louis and Olivia. George gets his aeroplane pilot licence and both delights and terrifies his loved ones by offering them rides. He is a good flyer and never has an accident, but he got his idea of flying tactics by playing breakneck Quidditch, so! He also likes hang-gliding and parasailing.

Fred holds out on the single state for a few years past the point that George and Pansy tie the knot, and the scandal rags follow his progress as a bachelor with great interest. Eventually, he astonishes everyone by marrying not one of the slinky blondes who have occasionally decked his arm at society events, but rather Lisa Turpin, who has no trouble whatsoever at keeping him on his toes. Fred and Lisa end up having three boys and a girl. Leon, Albert and James (Jamie) end up in Gryffindor, and Katherine (Kate) in Ravenclaw.


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Fred & George Weasley

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