Nov. 20th, 2013

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The rush has slowed down a bit, but sales are still meeting our budget expectations. You received our owl this morning with the figures? Not bad, eh? Mum's tickled pink.

We're about to run out of our first run of the packaging boxes and so we've put in a new order with Demeter. (Oh, drat. We knew we forgot something when we sent you our owl: we wanted to show you the three new designs she's come up with for us for products in the spring line. All the owls are out at the moment, so we'll send the sketches to you tomorrow, along with some more samples for the Common Rooms.)

We stopped by Zonko's yesterday with a few of the new prototypes. He pokered up right away when he saw us. Guess he's a bit embarrassed for bowing to pressure--from your godfather, probably--and telling us he won't carry our stuff anymore. AS HE SHOULD BE. But we treated him as if he were our favourite uncle, and we just HAD to stop to show off our new babies. He still says the same thing, that he's not going to change his mind...but he all but licked his chops when we showed off our newest gizmos. He especially liked the trainers that turn into ice skates, once you walk onto ice. We hope if we keep popping round every month, he'll eventually weaken and start carrying our stuff again. He's too much a born salesman to keep turning his back on us.

Hitty asked us specially to say hello to you from her. She's spoiling us rotten. Couldn't have made it this far without her help.


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