Sep. 24th, 2013

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Bill: We don't care what excuse you have to make to cut short the working late session, but get home to the Burrow now if you possibly can. Charlie, dunno if you can get off for one night, but you'd be a welcome face right now, too.

Percy Weasley is the biggest arse in the world, and Mum needs you right now. She needs all of us.

Except Percy.
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The good news is that we're moved into the new building. Well, we're camping pretty rough, but we don't mind that. Our new space is coming together just like we envisioned, pretty close to that map we sketched out for you, right before you went back to Hogwarts. We're making progress on the packaging, and we have several cool new products that we have in the prototype stage now. We reckon we'll have some samples to show around the Common Rooms right before the first Hogsmeade weekend. The Zonko's deal has been finalised, so we'll have some shelf space there, and so we hope Hogwarts students will be able to buy our products in a very short time.

In the not-so-good news department, Lucius Malfoy seems to have taken offence at our involving Pansy in our plans. Don't know how much trouble he will cause, but he's been leaning on Percy and Percy's siding with him against us and Mum. You know about Mum's plans, to acquire the building rent-to-own, and to turn it into a place where new businesses can get started--even muggle and muggleborns, as long as we handle the books right. Lucius Malfoy found out about Mum's role sometime in the last day or two, and apparently didn't take it well. Percy launched a real scold at Mum and us in the journals tonight. Going on about how we could never make it work, and Mum's dead foolish to try it. He seems mostly bothered that Lucius Malfoy will think less of him if his mum and brothers have anything to do with keeping a shop.

Anyway, Mum didn't take it well. She's been sort of ragged this week, worried about Bill because Bill's boss is such a bastard. So when Percy started in on her, she really blew her stack.

I was in on the messages they exchanged, too (Fred) and since Mum was so upset, we came home and are spending tonight at the Burrow. Had to put some Calming Draught in her tea to get her to simmer down. We think she'll be all right.

But, yeah. Percy. He seems to be within an inch of washing his hands of the whole lot of us. Guess we aren't helping his career enough to suit him.


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