Sep. 18th, 2013

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We're sorry your godfather gave you a hard time over the business. We've been working to pull together the records you want to provide to him. Do you want us to forward them to you to send to him? Or do you think they should be presented to him in person?

It occurs to us that if he's angry enough, he might come by the premises to harangue us. Or more likely, send a minion or something, come to think of it. Don't worry, we won't let him play divide-and-conquer. We'll be polite, promise, but very firm that we'll be more than happy to speak to him as long as our partner Miss Parkinson can be present at the meeting, too. That may delay a confrontation until the next school break. Will he be patient enough to wait that long?

Any tips as to what to say or how to act if he does come looking for us? Painfully polite, deferential to his experience, that sort of thing? Any advice or other approach you can suggest we'd certainly appreciate.

We're going to be moving into the building soon. It's bare bones, but we don't mind roughing it at first, and at least that way it'll be easier for us to work on product development and keep an eye on the place as we get on with retrofitting. (Not to mention we can escape goat-and-chicken chores! It's a win-win.)

The work counters were delivered today. A little bigger than we expected, but they fit in the space and can be easily sectioned and moved if we decide to rearrange. It looks like it'll work.


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