Sep. 2nd, 2013

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Hullo, Pansy,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you (been busy with Mum on the final arrangements about the building. We were in a bit of mad scramble because we found it right before the end of the month, but Mum was able to get the keys September 1, so we can move in any time. Thanks for your last capital infusion. That was the last bit we needed to close the deal.

Also, we've been helping pull in the harvest out of the garden so Mum can get on with the canning. She's sort of frantic because she's behind her usual schedule.)

Now, as for your budget proposal: the two of us and Mum have gone over it, too, and Lee also had some suggestions. We think it looks good. Maybe we might allocate a bit more for advertising to start out. (Among other things, you're right that we should advertise in the Prophet, and that can get pricey, especially since they just raised their rates.) We have some notes scribbled in the margins of a copy of the second draft we're sending back to you. The owl should arrive either tomorrow or the day after. We'll also include our first quarter's progress report on R&D, including our descriptions of a few new nifty possible products (about ten or twelve of them). We should have samples for you in a week and will owl them along to you. Once you've looked them over, it'd be great if you can take a stab at modifying our descriptions for advertising copy.

Demeter Freesia we haven't heard of, but we thought of another bloke who might help: Hermes Tamblyn. He was in the class ahead of ours, and we think this might be just his thing. Brilliant artist and illustrator, really creative. He was hired by a potions company, and we think it was in ad design, but maybe packaging design, too. Fred thinks he can track him down quickly. No harm in asking both of them if they might be interested in submitting a proposal.

Like your idea about Zonko's. One thing we always appreciated about the place is that the owner is always on the lookout for the next new thing. So we bet your hunch is correct, that he'd give us some display space for a cut. Particularly if we have good packaging, as you say. It's worth a try.

Anyway, keep a lookout for that owl, and like we said, some samples of new stuff should be on its way to you within a week.


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