Jul. 13th, 2013

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The week's been dead brilliant.

We've spent the mornings mostly putting our heads together with Fu Lee. What a mentor he is, with the most deliciously twisted ideas. Clever enough that we could see him as a professor at Hogwarts. (Well, if they ever offered a course in something like, say, Muggle Mayhem, that is.) He loves teaching, and he can grab anything, any household object and turn it into a lesson (with Frankie and Jimmy hanging onto his legs at the time, which makes it even funnier).

Did you know that you can extract bomb making materials with heat, potassium chloride, and ordinary household bleach as a base, for example? The things we learn at Moddey Dhoo!

Fu's giving us assignments, setting a course of study for us for the rest of the summer in practical muggle chemistry. We've spent hours with him, talking about his designs for muggle armour and working on our suggested adaptations on two of the prototypes, discussing subjects like the history of trebuchets, and dipping into his library, which has everything from Sun Tzu The Art of War to a simply fascinating little volume called The Anarchist's Cookbook. (Mum, we don't think it contains the sorts of recipes you usually use.)

Afternoons we spend generally helping the kids with chores around the sanctuary, either working in the gardens or goat sheds, or taking a turn out on the boat for fishing runs, usually with whatever crew Terry and Dudley are on that day. Evenings we've been sitting around and talking. Evelyn and Neville are here now--they arrived today--and THAT caused an awful lot of excitement for everyone. All the kids have been dying to meet MR AND MRS LONGBOTTOM'S OWN CHILDREN, and they paraded them all over the sanctuary for a grand tour. It all ended up in the surf down at the boat landing for a spectacular waterfight.

Tonight's an astronomy lesson, or at least that's excuse for a picnic and bonfire down at the beach.

It's going to be difficult to leave and come home again. (No offence, Mum! But cleaning out the goat shed here is a lot more fun.)


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