Feb. 14th, 2013

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Right. We had Evelyn sound out Ginny, and she talked with us tonight about what she found out.

We think it was definitely a good idea, probably better than we realised when we suggested it. Evelyn's quiet, sympathetic and tactful, and she's definitely NOT a Weasley brother, which is probably a good thing, because it sounds as if Gin's irritated with those particular specimens right now.

So Evelyn convinced Ginny to invite her up to her room, and then they hung out talking about clothes. Like girls do, we guess. In between the fashion tips, Evelyn eventually worked her around to the subject of annoying older brothers, and Ginny gave her an earful. Ginny chuntered on a bit about how humiliating it was to be treated like a half-blood. But after some prodding, she allowed how blood status was completely arbitrary anyway (she mentioned Luna).

About us: Evelyn struggled a bit as she tried to explain how the conversation went. It sounds as thought Ginny was sort of sliding in between sounding mostly reasonable (as in, she knows we're all growing up, and we all have our own concerns and friends, but she just wants things to be the way they used to be) and, well, almost paranoid. Guess that's what you picked up, too, isn't it? Like that we're looking at her like she's a stranger, and we're treating her like she's one of the people that we have to keep our eyes on and...yeah. Weird.

Evelyn talked with her about discretion, floating the suggestion that maybe she didn't want to give Umbridge the satisfaction of digging into our private family business. That might have sunk in a bit. Let's hope it'll make her think twice about writing another private message to any of us where Umbridge can see it.

Oh, one other thing Evelyn mentioned that struck her as odd: she said Ginny sort of snapped between moods so fast it was almost scary. Ginny was pulling stuff out of her trunk to show Evelyn (some of the clothes she received in New London at her last photo shoot), and Evelyn reached into it herself to take out a scarf. Evelyn says they were laughing and chattering and having a good time, but when she did that, suddenly Ginny about bit her head off. For 'snooping.'

What do you make of that?


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